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A small village Kuda, famous for the Buddhist caves, is placed at the fabulous Janjeera hills near Kolad at a height of 150 to 200 feet above the sea level. These rock cut caves are classic example of Buddhist cave art and amazing for their architectural excellence. These caves have two levels and the individual blocks are smaller and are on the upper levels. The inscriptions on the caves are the preaching of Buddha and his disciples. The interiors of the caves are carved with stupas and a rock carved image of an elephant as the janitor is inscribed on the front gate of the caves.

In many of the caves in Kuda hills, there are evidences to testify that monks used them as dwelling places. The inscriptions, letters and paintings in the Kuda hills shows that these caves are built in during first to sixth centuary B.C. Set up on a hilly terrain, the Kuda caves give a magnificient view of the valley below. This is a recommended place for those who are having a keen interest in historical monuments and archeology. .

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