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The Ancient Chaul / Revadanda are located 16 Kms. south of Alibag. Chaul has 2000 years history. The port at Chaul was used for trade with Gulf & European countries by sea in olden days.

During the Maratha Regime, Chaul had 350 lakes & same number of temples. Of this temples, only 40 to 50 are still there. Famous among them are, Shitaladevi, Rameshwar and Datta Mandir on hill.

Portugese came to chaul 400 years back. The fort and the Observation tower named "Satkhani" built by them still exist.

The spices, fruits & flower trees are plenty in Chaul. Revadanda was formerly a part of chaul. The bridge constructed on Revadanda/Salav made it convenient to travel to Murud & Janjira. The Vikram Birla group Ispat Sponge Iron plant is located in Salav. The beautiful Ganesh temple built by Birlas at Salav is an attraction for tourists. The light illumination of the temple at night is worth seeing. The temple is located 4 Kms from the end of Revadanda/ Salav bridge. On the way to Murud Janjira from Revadanda, in between there is a beautiful and famous Kashid beach. Murud &Janjira, which are located 50 Kms from Alibag are also famous for beautiful beaches and a fort at Janjira.

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