Alibag Beach

Every bustling city needs an oasis of calm just around it to sheild you from the humdrum and maddening pace of every day life. Alibaug provides just the perfect home away from home for a lot of citizens of buzzing Mumbai. Accessible by a simple ferry ride all through the year except the monsoons, Alibaug is the no stress zone that will add life and freshness to your days. During the monsoons, it would take a three hour drive from Mumbai to get to Alibaug.

The best part of a regular visit to Alibaug is the spectacular journey to it by a ferry from the Gateway of India situated in Mumbai. This trip takes just under an hour and leaves you off at Mandwa jetty. And here begins a stretch of stunning silver sands that stretch almost twelve kilometers long. And for once the trip to your destination will not stress you out but in fact just serve to invigorate you.

Alibaug is a sleepy little town made up of a large number of beaches and little hamlets all a few kilometers away from each other. You can choose to stay at any of the resorts there or rent out bungalows which available on a daily basis. Here is a low down of the beaches of Alibaug and what makes them special.

The Alibaug beach itself is a small walk from the Alibaug bus depot. This charming beach is a sight for sore eyes, with its proud coconut trees swaying in the breeze and the great sea glistening in the light of the gorgeous blue skies above. Those who like a hint of adventure can wade out to the Kulaba fort, 1- 2 km off the shore of this marvelous beach. You can do this only during low tide because during high tide, you can only access this fort by boat. Do keep this in mind when you plan the time you visit this fort, and also make sure that you return back to shore before the low tide runs out.

Some more beaches near Alibag-

Akshi-Nagaon, chaul/Revdanda, Varsoli, Awaas/Saswane, Thal, Kihim, Mandwa